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Hello world!

What would you say if I told you a thirty five year old, mother of four, with a background in operations management, decided she was going to become a developer? That lady is crazy, right? Well, you would be correct. In fact, she is shamelessly crazy enough to finally follow her dreams. This woman is me! I’ve successfully managed multimillion dollar operations, juggled sixty+ employees (99% men) while raising a beautiful family. I was that lady who was timing contractions at her desk and pumping breast-milk while on conference calls. I can comb through a P&L and squeeze a dollar out of a fifty cent budget.  –But there was also a very good chance that I could fix any computer issue before the help desk even answered the phone. My colleagues lovingly called me the computer ‘geek’ and would constantly tell me I should be running the IT department. I was thrilled when we rolled out new software or hardware because that meant I got to train all the employees. At home, I was always jail-breaking one of our many iPhones, playing with the Makey Makey or using Photoshop to torture my family. At my age, I could say I’m too old to start a new career, but I choose to say I’m too young not to. So I’ve decided– I’m taking my skills that make me a kick a$$ boss and I’m going to do what I love!

That sounds good, right? Well, I swiftly realized (oh yeah, pun intended) that I had so much to learn. Go ahead and Google ‘learn to code’. The result is enough to make your mind melt, and I guarantee if you ask three developers what language you should learn first, you will get ten different answers. That’s because the most frustrating thing about coding is also the most wonderful. The languages are constantly evolving! In fact, less than a month ago, Apple announced a new programming language, Swift.

So here is is. I’m going to throw it out to the world. I downloaded “The Swift Programming Language” from the Apple iBooks Store and I plan to will learn how to code an app in 90 days!

I welcome anyone that would like to take on this challenge with me, as well as any advice and/or feedback from seasoned developers.

Happy coding!

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