Girl Develop It Philly Celebrates 3 Years!


girl develop it philly 3 year anniversary party

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the 3 Year Anniversary Party for Girl Develop It (GDI) Philly. With over 2,000 members in the Philadelphia chapter, affectionately called Nerdettes, GDI is proof that woman have a place in tech.





GDI offers affordable software development classes to women, but more importantly, they offer a network of people you can lean on as you grind your way through semi-colons, brackets and quotes.

A month or so into my coding adventure I found myself talking to my computer, half expecting it to respond. Ok, maybe a little more than half. I’m happy to report, thanks in part to GDI, that this story doesn’t end with medication. I found a local GDI group on Meetup and signed up for a Saturday morning class. I’d finally found people (OTHER WOMEN!!) willing to talk geek with me. I left feeling not only inspired, but reassured that this is what I’m supposed to be doing.


Many thanks and Congrats to Girl Develop It Philly!

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